How To Build A Skilled Remote Team Just An Hour Away From Singapore


If you’re reading this, you know what a remote team is already. It’s skilled, highly trained professionals working on your projects, but because they are doing so in a remote location with lower living costs, they’re paid less than a comparable team in a country like Australia or Singapore would be.

The reason companies from Singapore are increasingly looking to Vietnam for remote teams is simple: Vietnam has a great pool of talented and creative software designers, and yet operating costs for businesses in Vietnam are a fraction of those in Singapore. Companies based in Singapore wishing to build a software development team are going to find their ability to get the best team they can constrained by the high cost of salaries for attracting talent in a city with some of the highest living in costs in Asia. Building a team remotely, in a country with lower staffing costs, allows you to get the ideal team for your project, not just the one you can afford. When you don’t have to worry about the costs of hiring the best, you can unleash your true potential.


Vietnam Is Ideal For Remote Teams 

Vietnamese people share many of the same values as Singaporeans. They are hard working, loyal and dedicated. They place a high emphasis on the importance of education, which is why so many are forging successful careers in fields such as technology and computing. They also place a strong importance on social cohesion, on team work and group bonding. The same values which have led to such growth and success in other Asian countries such as Singapore or Korea.

Vietnam is one of Asia’s leading providers off shore remote skills teams and for Singaporean companies especially it has many advantages. It is just an hour away, both in time zones and by plane. With office times here only an hour different, you can be in constant contact with your team throughout the working day, or when you need to pull a late nighter, they can pull one too. And with over 200 flights per week between HCMC & Singapore each week, you can work in person with your team whenever you need to.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Being just an hour away means you can make your remote team an integral part of your company, and build a long term relationship with your team. The Vietnamese bond closely with their team mates and feel an affinity and love for their companies. Being so close allows you to spend time with your team in person as you would with a team in your own office. Remote Resources teams like to bond outside of work, to socialize together. You could have the opportunity to come over, to get to know the personalities in your team, and to teach them the values and objectives of your company, that they can share in your vision. And by knowing your team members, you will get to know their strengths and their potential to help your company grow.

A remote team just an hour away brings the benefits of an in house team at the low cost of a remote team.


How To Build A Remote Team

That’s the easy part – allow a remote resources solutions company already based offshore to do the hard work for you. The knowledge, the infrastructure and the resources you need are already in place.  Build a business partnership with dedicated remote resources professionals who can use their experience and facilities to handle your needs.

Working With A Remote Partner

Remote Resources is a long established remote team solution provider working in Ho Chi Minh City. We’ve developed an effective model that makes it easy for you to incorporate a remote team into your organization. First we identify your business objectives and use them for an assessment of staff needs analysis. Then we begin recruitment and pre-screening, with candidate evaluation, interviews and skill tests. When we have selected the most suitable candidates, the client company can choose the final make up of the team. Remote Resources would then hire those staff and handle all issues of payroll, tax and Human Resources.

With the team now in place, Remote Resources will provide an operations manager to oversee the team and ensure the team is following workflow processes and company policy and that it meets its performance metrics. All the while staying in close contact with the client company in Singapore, which is easily done when we’re just an hour away. Our office is open while yours is, we’re with you every moment of the day.

Allow a remote team to do the software development you can only dream of doing back home, and allow Remote Resources to do the work for you building that team. Then come on over to Vietnam, meet your team, go out for Hainan Chicken and Rice or Chili Crab – yes, we have that here – and enjoy our great Vietnamese hospitality with your remote team.