Fantastic Designers And Where To Find Them


Good design is essential in modern business. It’s usually the first thing your customers see, and well designed graphics or software reveals the professionalism and commitment to quality they are looking for.

There has never been more design in the world, with our plethora of devices and platforms. And there have never been more designers. Nowadays it’s easy to find freelancers and companies from around the world trying to sell you their services. Choosing the fantastic ones from such overwhelming choice can seem daunting. So what makes a fantastic designer, and more importantly, how do you find them?


Fantastic designers first and foremost are problem solvers, they must be creative enough to find the answer to your design needs and skilled enough to know how to turn that idea into a finished product. They need to be curious, and analytical in their thinking.
Fantastic designers are passionate and driven. The work requires long hours, with complex briefs and heavy workloads, and complete focus to prevent errors. Passion for the work is what allows a designer to keep questioning their work and striving to make it better.


Fantastic designers are reliable and can communicate. Talent alone isn’t enough if they cannot deliver on time what was promised, or if they didn’t understand the client’s story and ideas.

Clients need consistency in quality, and they need to know from the get go that they will receive quality work. Clients are looking too to build long term relationships with remote resource teams. If you’ve gone to all the trouble to find a remote partner for this project, why would you want to have start looking again for the next one?

So where to find fantastic designers like this? A recent survey found 73% of American companies are outsourcing their design needs, and Vietnam is leading the way.


Vietnam has a young population- 64% of people are aged between 18 and 32, and many of the smartest Vietnamese take Information Technology as a major because they know it can lead to well paid opportunities with international companies for their remote teams. Vietnamese culture places a strong emphasis on education and hard work. The Vietnamese have an affinity for maths and science, leading to a fantastic pool of available talent.

Vietnam’s IT sector is growing by 30% a year and as Vietnam moves from a low skilled manufacturing economy to a skilled services based Vietnam 4.0, the government is prioritizing this growth with tax incentives such as corporate income tax exemption and zero VAT. And of course, salary costs are much lower than in the West. But it isn’t just costs that make Vietnam appealing to companies like Microsoft or Samsung. It’s because the talents of Vietnamese workers – their commitment, their passion, their curiosity, their creativity – make them fantastic designers.

Remote Resources company, registered in Singapore, is operating in Ho Chi Minh City, recruiting fantastic designers for our clients worldwide since 2012.