Australia Doesn’t Meet Your Growth Ambitions? Try Remote Teams


The reasons behind a company achieving its ambitions for growth are complex, all elements coming together just right to allow a company to make the most of its opportunities and grow. Growth requires being able to see an opportunity and knowing how to take advantage of it. It also requires having the right resources at your disposal to ensure that you can take the initiative when the opportunity comes, the right technology, and the right people with the tech skills you need to develop that for you.

But companies at the same time need to manage their pay roll costs if they are to stay competitive, and keeping a large tech department on the payroll adds to the bottom line, especially when other rival firms are already taking advantage of a more cost effective way to harness tech for their business.

Increasingly for many Australian companies, the answer lies in using remote teams.


What is a remote team? It’s people with the same skills you would expect from someone doing the same job in your own IT department, but who work in a foreign country. There are several advantages to this, and the most obvious is financial.

Asian countries are home to a talent pool of highly qualified technology professionals just as much on the cutting edge of modern developments as their colleagues in Australia, but the costs of working with them are much lower.

This means you can afford to hire a large team for a big project in a remote location when that wouldn’t be possible at home. Long term investments for growth, which may not see dividends for some time, become much more feasible when salary costs are reduced. Or alternatively a company could afford to have someone dedicated to working with their software continually in real time.

Another advantage is the ease with which remote teams can be incorporated into your business. Hiring people and establishing and organizing a new technology department for a project can be expensive and time consuming, and lead to losing opportunities for growth. Remote resourcing involves working with companies in other countries which already have the staff in place to build your team, and the experience and knowledge to find team members that have the commitment and skills and share in your companies values and objectives.

If you’re looking for enthusiastic, committed people with a passion for their work and the skills to achieve, there are few better places in Asia than Vietnam. Why Vietnam? It’s because of the people.


Vietnam is a young country – it’s median age is 30.5 years, meaning exactly half the country are younger than that. Vietnamese culture, like that if it’s Asian neighbors such as Korea or Japan, places a high emphasis on education and hard work. Many young Vietnamese see a career in technology as a great way to improve their lives and record numbers are graduating from universities with degrees in computing. The government too sees the information technology sector as vital to growth and is encouraging it with investments in education and financial incentives such as tax breaks for IT development companies. Vietnam is also working for foreign governments and organizations to improve its human capital, including Australia’s prestigious RMIT University Vietnam, which has a large campus in Ho Chi Minh City, the heart of Vietnam’s technology industry and our location here at Remote Resources.

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